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January 2018 Issue NO. 2


Monthly Newsletter by Avencia

Happy New Year to everyone! A busy month given that the self assessment deadline of 31st January is fast approaching. We’ve highlighted some recent news below and if anyone would like to know any further information then please do get in touch.

HMRC payments 

It was announced by HMRC that they would no longer be accepting payments via the post office or by credit card. Payments at the post office were discontinued on 15th December 2017 and paying by personal credit card will also be disallowed from 13th January 2018. 

HMRC gift card scam

The latest scam to be aware of…Please do contact us if you ever recieve any unexpected communications from HMRC. Always note that HMRC will never contact you about a refund, via email or text message. 

Auto Enrolment rates increase

The Pensions Regulator is reminding employers that pension contributions are increasing from April 2018.

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Proposals to extend auto enrolment

There have been proposals made by the government to extend the current age for mandatory employer pension contributions from 22 years of age to 18.

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Advisory fuel rates

Updated advisory fuel rates have been released, effective from 1st December 2017. You can use these rates to calculate VAT reclaims on your mileage.

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